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Home Builders

Builders & Developers

We help you focus on the fun stuff - making new homes! Let us handle your paperwork and legal matters and prepare you for the closing. An agent from our team of experienced real estate professionals will be specifically assigned to you and your project. We will be at your beck and call.

Services Include

  • Fast turnaround for closing and drawing on construction loans
  • Contract review and recommendations
  • Drafting of disclosures and additional documents as needed
  • Due diligence - thorough searches of land records, judgment searches, bankruptcy searches, and tax records
  • Title Insurance
  • Attorney opinion letters
  • Immediate disbursement of sale proceeds via wire or escrow check
  • Settlements at your convenience

Services for Builders & Developers

Escrow Services

DB Title provides escrow services for the neutral third-party handling of the funds and documents involved in your real estate transaction. We oversee your settlement tasks, distribute the funds and notarize the documents.

Simple Closings

DB Title will coordinate your real estate transaction settlement (or “closing”.) We will see that your loan documents are in order and executed properly, distribute funds and deliver documents to all parties.

Title Insurance

The Buyer's Policy
As a buyer of any real estate, you want to protect your investment and your ownership rights. Title Insurance protects your rights as long as you or your heirs and interest in a piece of property. You can trust that DB Title will perform an exhaustive investigation into the ownership history of your new property and ensure there are no unpaid taxes, pending legal actions, undisclosed heirs, errors, fraud or other problems with the property deed.

Power of Attorney

Attorney, David Burger will prepare any Power of Attorney documents you require for your real estate deal. This is a legal document that authorizes one person (the “agent”) to act on behalf of another person (the “principal”).

Deed Preparation

Attorney, David Burger will prepare the deed for your client. The deed will include the legal description of the property and will list the current and new owner’s names. During the closing, we will notarize everyone’s signatures and then deliver the deed to the county recorder’s office.

The Closing Disclosure

(Formally the “HUD-1”)

DB Title will prepare this form that outlines the details of your loan including the mortgage terms, the projected monthly payments, fees and closing costs. Lenders must provide this document at least 3 days prior to closing so that the borrower has adequate time to review and ask questions.

Attorney Opinion Letters

Occasionally, lenders will require assurances that loan documents are binding on the borrower, judicially enforceable and evidence mutual intent or all parties. Attorney, David Burger will provide this service when needed.


When a second mortgage is involved in a property transaction, DB Title will ensure that proper forms and considerations are addressed. A Subordination of Mortgage states which lending company takes precedence in asset recovery should the borrower default on their loan.

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